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Credit-Up is one of the best companies I have had dealings with to say it's a young company. This is a very professional company that really takes care of it's customers. I never had to second guess myself because he kept everything open. I tell everybody I know about Credit-Up.

Lance Mitchell

Tomball. TX

I was just tired of always getting turned down for stuff are needing extra. I met Kevin at Walmart and he changed how I deal with my credit, plus I got the car I wanted and my next step is my house. Kevin told me to wait on that because I got A little over excited. If anyone need something dealing with credit issues Credit-Up is the way to Go.

Kelsa Mathews

Spring, Texas

If you want it done right without all the BS, come to Credit-Up. I got hit for to much money messing with those other companies with little to no results. Thank You Thank You Kevin for coming out with Credit-Up.

Timothy Johnson

Spring, TX

I told you I wanted to give you some words from me and all I have to say is

CREDIT-UP CREDIT-UP CREDIT-UP CREDIT-UP.  It didn't take you long to prove me wrong about credit repair. More than thank you for that.

Rachel Walters

New Iberia, LA

Kevin is my bother-n-law and when he told me the started this company I supported him by hiring him to work on my report. I honestly thought it would take a while even though I only had a few things, but he don't play around. He's been working with me since March and it's May and I'm almost back to A1 status. I'm happy with Credit-Up, he's getting me right.

Malcolm Westley

Houma, LA.


My name is Kevin Robinson CEO and Founder of Credit-Up. I started this company to give everyone the best service for the most affordable rates. When you come to Credit-Up you will get Top Of The Line Service for Rates that people can afford and not drag things out. At Credit-Up it's not a care about where your score is, it's about where your score and report is going to be. I was so wrapped up helping my customers that I forgot myself. So to prove my work this is my score from March To May. Thank You For Choosing Credit-Up.

Kevin Robinson

Spring, Texas


Thanks Kevin you really helped me out getting my credit straight. I got into the truck I needed, so no more missing work and jobs for me. Calling you was a good choice Credit-Up is a great company, but now it's time to work to get my house.

 Lindell Anderson

Lake Charles, LA

Your working on me and I can see the progress, but telling people about your company is just as great. Who don't love getting paid to tell people about something that works? I have more people lined up if that's alright to say. Kevin like I told you, sending people to Credit Up is my new part time job.

Donald Knight


I really thought it would take a long time for me to get back on my feet and get myself together enough to purchase things for myself in my name because everything was so messed up after my divorce. I'm not shame to say that because it was my blessing for you to walk into my job handing out your business cards. I have two sons to deal with and now I can began to handle things on my own. Thank you for everything. Keep helping people the way you blessed me and your business will be one of the greatest. God bless you.

 Latonya Willard

    Katy, TX.

Being where I'm from I could have never thought I could have own a beautiful home like I have, but I can't say I haven't worked for it. This is a home I thought only other people could stay in and I would only pass by. Thanks to you and your company I'm not driving by I'm waving at the neighbors. This is one of the best feelings in the world. Thanks for everything!!!

  Marcus Simmons

    Spring, Texas

Need help with your credit? Contact Credit-Up... I Promise you wont be disappointed!!

 Shantell Celestine

    Raceland, LA.

I recommend everyone to use this service, they are awesome.


Thibodaux, Louisiana


  Mirial Cleveland

   Houston, TX.

My agent didn't hesitate getting started after I signed up. Within first 30 days my score jumped 23 points. I'm feeling confident and on my way to a brighter financial future. Thanks Credit Up, for getting rid of the debt nightmares.

  Courtney Walker

   New Orleans, Louisiana

Didn't really know what to expect since I heard so many stories about this. Everyone made me feel at ease throughout my process of fixing the stuff I looked over in my life. Thanks for everything.

  Samantha Diaz

     Shreveport, LA

I am so happy to be a client, you guys are the best. We tried others with no results like this I encourage anyone that needs their credit fixed to get with Credit up for the best results. Thanks so much Kevin.

Charles Dixon

Atlanta, GA

I will definitely continue to refer my clients. Great service, very professional and passionate about helping people.

Rhonda Smith

Houma, LA

exp Realty

On the road to success is where they'll put you, you have got to try this out trust them!

Kee Thomas

Raceland, LA